Open Operator Station, 24 Tooth Bucket, Manual Coupler, 5 3 Stick, Straight Line Travel Pedal, Control Pattern Changer, Hydraulic Thumb, Backfill Blade, 14" Track Belts, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
Open Operator Station, 24 Tooth Bucket, Swing Boom, 5 1 Stick, Auxiliary Hydraulic Plumbing, Hydraulic Thumb, Backfill Blade, 12" Track Belts, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
Electric Operated, Hydraulic Breaker, Outriggers, Two Piece Boom, Rubber Tracks The item could not be operationally checked. Some components are missing.

2018 JCB 48Z-1

Tracked excavators have been a part of the JCB manufacturing family for over 50 years. Using all of this experience and insight, our latest mini diggers like the new 48Z-1 have been developed to exceed even your most exacting demands. Put simply, this is one of the strongest and highest performing mini excavators we’ve ever built. It’s highly productive, compact, agile, innovative a...
Ryan’s manufacture a broad range of by-pass log grapples for the mini carriers up to the larger skid steers, tractors and excavators. They feature the standard push bar for assisting material loading and or directional cutting. The cradle in the universal quick attach plate has serrated edges to secure the load both horizontally and vertically. The oversized rotator offers 360° contin...