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Sponsored Links (Register now to hide all advertisements) freestar.config.enabled_slots.push({ placementName: "fordbarn_leaderboard_forums_inlinst_2", slotId: "fordbarn_leaderboard_forums_inlinst_2" }); For a 1948 F-1 pickup I need the hood trim for the L>H> hood side, bith spears and the FORD badge. Also need the letter "D" for front upper grill panel. Richard at 404-944-2724 TIA
Looking for two pieces of dash trim. 07-09. Cluster surround and center vents. eBay is a crapshoot. Thanks!
While working on the led interior mod I accidentally cracked the plastic trim below the shifter that has all the gears listed on it. I've seen a few units for sale but they all include the entire shifter assembly which is way more than I need so I'm trying to track down just the plastic trim piece.
Hey guys, I'm looking for a set of black ( or other color) supercrew seat belt guides for the front seat, they are the guides that fit in the plastic B pillar trim that the seat belt goes thru down to the ratchet , I got some out of a standard truck but the supercrew ones are longer and thinner. Thanks in advance. Keith
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