I am relatively quiet, clean, and easy-going. I am a graduate student, and there will be times where I need peace and quiet so that I can study. Otherwise, I can go to a public place to study if that seems to be an issue. I am currently looking for a room as well as a roommate, and I am more than happy to select a place together.
I m a respectful guy who pays on time, I m easy to get along with, I won t eat your food in the fridge and I clean up after myself.
Seeking to rent a room. Owner needs room for family members involved in recent tornadoes and I'm looking to move by June 4th. Monthly budget is 500. Thank you.
I don't do drugs I don't smoke I don't have any kids I don't have any pets I am in college
Work in the city and want to be closer to work am extremely quite love my peace i do not smoke and will love to have a roommate that s a non smoker extremely clean love my privacy don t like loud music loud noises in general unless am out. Love candles and just a great smelling home in general it s imoortant to me.
I am a retired teacher. I am a widow. I am a Christian. I love animals. I love to read. I am a non-smoker and non-drinker. I like children and people in general.
Fun, clean, and hard-working girl from Mobile, AL transferring to Georgia State in the fall. I try my best to get along with everyone. Typical girly, girl; into make-up, hair, and clothes. I've had roommates before and never had an issue. Message me if you are interested in knowing more!
I work most days 7am-3pm in downtown Kennesaw. I have no pets and I am allergic to cats but all other pets are fine. I tend to keep to myself and spend most of my time on my pc or with my girlfriend. I'd like to be in the acworth, kennesaw, marietta area.
I am a recent college graduate with degrees in ASL and psychology. I got a new job in Cobb country that is starting July 1st. I am clean, responsible, and pretty quiet.