Hi! My name is Chelsea. I am a dental assistant and a college student. I am pretty laid back and very clean. I do have a dog. He is about 60 lbs. His name is Walker. I do not party much as I am focusing on my career and education. I Occasionally got out and have a drink or two with friends.
Looking for a roommate to share a space with! I ve already found an apartment I m interested in and would love to let you know more about it.
Hey guys! I am 21 turning 22 in August! I am currently in nursing school and am pretty clean! I love to watch movies and I am a part time nanny!
Hi! I'm Justin and I love comics, movies, and music. I know how original right? Anyways I hope I can know someone better who'd be interested in a cool relaxed living arrangement. Can't wait to see what's in store!
Hi! I m quiet and nice and very clean tidy person. I do have a dog she s 5lbs and she s very well behaved and will not destroy anything she just loves to cuddle. She will definitely be in a cage when I m at work or out. I mostly will be there in the morning but I leave for work at night. I m really laid back and into a lot of things. You can talk to me and we can hang if you like. I can pay 200...
I am starting a new job in Marietta and need somewhere to live until I become familiar with the area.
I'm a energetic wholesome person. I like to ride on good vibes I have a great personality.
29 from Panama City fl laid back cool person I work most of the time I don t keep up mess no drama clean guy
Hey! I m mimi. i m 20 years old. i am a nursing student at georgia state and i recently got accepted into chamberlain university nursing program . i ve had roommates since started college in 2016 and i haven t had a bad experience yet. I like to cook but as i get more busy i cook a little less than i would like. I am a freelance hair stylist and i stay pretty busy with that. i also babysit and ...